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Statiunea Mamaia este bine cunoscuta in toata lumea, situata in sud estul Romaniei, in orasul Constanta, pe o fasie de pamant intre Marea Neagra si Lacul Siutghiol.

Cele mai cunoscute si apreciate trei mari cluburi din Mamaia (Fratelli, Ego si Crema Summer Club) se afla la o distanta de 15 - 20 de minute distanta de mers pe jos, fie pe plaja, fie pe strada, fata de hotel.

De asemenea exista multe locuri de amuzament si recreatie, atractii turistice ce pot fi vizitate in orasul Constanta sau in imprejurimi:

Muzeul national de arheologie
Complexul Muzeal de Stiinte ale Naturii: Planetariu, Acvariu, Delfinariu, Expozitia de pasari exotice si Mini Zoo
Casinoul construit intre anii 1904-1910 situat chiar pe malul marii
 Statua lui Ovidiu
 Muzeul Marinei Romane
Marea Moschee construita in 1910 de catre regale Carol 1
 Farul Genovez din secolul al 13-lea inca in functiune
Ruinele din Histria
 Manastirea Dervent
 Manastirea Sf Andrei
 Biserica Romano-Catolica Sf Anton,
Biserica Greaca Sf Anton,
Catedrala Ortodoxa Sf Petru si Pavel
Plimbare cu velierul pe Marea Neagra
Complexul natural de la Gura Dobrogei,
Dunele marine de la Agigea,
 Rezervatia Fantanita-Murfatlar,
 Punctul Fosilifer de la Aliman,
Reciful de la Topalu.


Zona de recreere
Casino in Tomis harbour (Inaugurated in 1910 in the presence of prince Ferdinand. On the top of the building, the decorations consists of old ships representations. Inside there are staircases and imposing banisters, covered columns and marble girdles on the walls.) Genoese Light (It house near the harbor soaring 26 feet(7.9m), this lighthouse was built in 1860 by the Danubius and Black Sea Company to honor Genoese merchants who established a flourishing sea trade community here in the 13th century.)
Mosque (It was built in 1910 by King Carol 1, in Moor style in the place of the old mosque from 1822. It is an exact copy of the grat Konia mosque from Anatolia (Turkey). It has beautiful inner wall paintings. The minaretul offers a wonderful landscape.) Museum of National History and Archaeology (One of the richest museums in the country, with collections of prehistorical, Greek, Roman, Bizantine, Medieval archaeology. Among the statues exhibited here, the most famous are that of Fortuna Goddess and Pontos God (protectors of the town).)
Roman Building with Mosaic (Unique monument this side of Europe, realised in the 3rd-4th centuries A.D. The mosaic, on the terrace of a Roman trade buiding has an impressive size of 2,000 square m. The harmony of the colours, rendered more delicate by passing of the time.) Romanian Navy Museum (It holds thousands of replicas of various types of ships proper to the Romanian military and commercial navy since its beginnings till today, alongside navigation instruments, documents, books and photos, white and fire arms.)
Tomis Harbour (Is one of the main distribution centers for the Central and Eastern Europe, offering many advantages. The favorable geographical position and the importance of the Port of Constanta is emphasized by the connection with two Pan-European Corridors) Restaurants
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