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Mamaia is the largest and most famous summer resort on the Romanian Black Sea shore. Also, the resort is a satellite town of Constanta, the largest Black Sea port and the fourth largest port in Europe. The resort has 8 km (5 miles) in length and only 300 m (328 yards) in width, being a strip of land between the Black Sea and the Siutghiol Lake.
Being opened all year round, Golden Tulip Mamaia Hotel is at your service with a qualified, young and dynamic team, greeting you with a positive attitude, dedicated entirely to your needs 24 hours a day. The hotel offers a selection of leisure, business services and facilities which are detailed in the following sections.
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1. Golden Tulip Mamaia Hotel was awarded 3 times in a row as the “Most Fashionable 4 Stars Hotel on the Romanian Riviera".
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